Automotive Technology 12 (AT12)

Course Materials:

                Term 1 Log Sheets

                Term 1 Worksheets

                Term 2 Log Sheets

Course Outline:

4 credit Applied Skills
Prerequisite: MX11A or MX11AT or AT11 with C+ minimum.
Recommended: ATD12 to be taken simultaneously

Detailed instruction concentrating on specific procedures and processes of automotive repair and maintenance. Students will learn the function and repair of components of the automobile. Emphasis is placed on mastery of specific skills, stressing quality as well as work habits. Students are expected to work independently and to undertake a major project during the semester. Because of the practical nature of this course considerable emphasis is placed on participation. Theory work accounts for about 30% of the year’s work. Topics to be covered include:

The automobile:
    • electrical system
    • charging and starting systems
    • emission control systems
    • trouble shooting (diagnostics)
    • other areas of auto service that students wish to know