Automotive Technology 12 Extended Day (ATE12)

Course Materials:

                Term 1 Log Sheets

                Term 1 Assignment

                Term 2 Log Sheets

                Term 2 Assignment

                Term 3 Log Sheets

                Term 3 Assignment

                Term 4 Log Sheets

                Term 4 Assignment

Course Outline:

4 credit Applied Skills
Extended Day Linear Course - 1 day - three hours per week on Thursdays (Sept-June).
Prerequisite: MX11A or MX11AT or AT11 with C+ minimum and instructor's permission.

Designed for students who wish to continue learning automotive mechanics, but don't have space in their daily schedule. Also for students who wish to take more than one block of mechanics. This course will involve EXTENSIVE hands-on in shop work and the opportunity to visit career related businesses and shows. Emphasis is placed on mastery of specific skills, stressing quality as well as work habits. Where possible students will work on their own vehicles. The school's involvement in motorsports with its dragster program will also be a part of the course. Possible special guest visits from Automotive Specialists and Race Teams. Because of the extensive practical work, ONLY students with a serious work ethic should apply.